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The Peoria Public Library - Explore-To-Go Kits
Image of the Peoria Public Library Explore To Go Logo a silhouette of a hiker with the words explore to go

Have you heard? The library has a new collection: Explore-To-Go! The first type of Explore-To-Go kits are games and activities for playing at the park. Each library has yoga mats, croquet sets, cornhole games, and disc golf. Patrons can check one out at their local Peoria Public Library and enjoy them while at one of Peoria's beautiful parks!

The second type of Explore-To-Go kits focuses on learning. Patrons can check out a kit that will include a hands-on learning component, DVDs, books, and workbooks on many different subjects. These include but aren’t limited to geology, anatomy, robotics, sewing, electronics, woodworking, weather, and forensics. The learning kits will be only available at the Peoria Main Library.

How It Works

  • Items check out for 7 days.
  • Items need to be checked out and returned to the circulation desk. Please do not use book drops.
  • There is a limit of 1 kit per family checked out at a time.
  • You must be an adult (18+) and use your own library card to check out a kit.
  • Please return the kit to the same location that it was checked out from.
  • Clean the equipment after use. Please use a disinfectant wipe or wet paper towel. Do not soak the items in bleach or in a soapy water tub as this may damage the kit.
  • Please inform library staff of any issues found while using the kit.

Explore-To-Go Kits At Your Peoria Library

  • To view the Explore-To-Go Kits the library offers, Click Here.

Safety Policy

  • Only use the Explore-To-Go activity kits for their intended use.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for supervising minor children under their care while using the Explore-To-Go activity kits.
  • The City of Peoria and the Peoria Public Libraries are not responsible for injuries that may result while using the Explore-To-Go activity kits.

The Peoria Public Library Explore-To-Go collection is supported by the Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records, a division of the Secretary of State, with federal funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Content Statement

The beliefs and opinions expressed within the Peoria Public Library and/or the literature, materials, programming and web-content accessed through the Library do not represent the viewpoint of the Peoria Public Library or the City of Peoria.

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